Sushi at Moshi Moshi

June 6th, 2009

It’s been a hard time over the past couple of weeks at work, so I found myself taking a few cheeky short cuts and eating out where I could, which definitely helps plaster a smile back on a tired face when the food is tasty.

On Thursday evening I was walking back towards Liverpool Street station and most of the places that weren’t chain owned were closed (hint, less chains and more individually run restaurants please), but thankfully before getting on the tube home I remembered that there was a little hidden gem tucked away in the station itself.

I’m a fan of hidden gems, and Moshi Moshi is an absolute treat of one and should win an award just for the way they’ve crafted their seating areas to make use of absolutely all the space in their unit. Beautifully crafted curved arches rise up into the arched windows in the roof, creating little areas for small groups, seating for two around the sides, and an accommodating sushi bar with a conveyor whizzing past lots of goodies that the chefs had been preparing.

The week has been a bit of a blur so I can’t recall absolutely everything I ate, but I ended up signing on the dotted line for a Moshi Members card which entitled me to the months special offer, any dish off of the conveyor for £2.10.

I can guiltily admit that mine was the highest stack of little sushi plates around the sushi bar, and I’ll even confess that I also treated myself to some green tea ice cream, which if you haven’t tried, you really should!

So on the plus side, it’s a handy location, interesting interior, and pretty good value, but on the negative side it wasn’t the best sushi I’ve had in London, and though the chefs behind the sushi bar were pretty friendly, the rest of the staff were busy complaining about how long they’d been on their feet for to actually notice new customers or to serve them.

Might go again, but probably under similar circumstances, worn out and craving sushi.

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